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Luxury Outcall Tantra Massage service to Upscale Hotels 

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Tashi’s Tantra Massage Barcelona is a unique and sought-after tantra massage service that offers incall and outcall tantra massage services in Barcelona. 

Experience the extraordinary with Tashi's Tantra Massage in Barcelona, an outcall Tantra massage to hotels. Delve into a realm of profound relaxation and spiritual awakening unlike any other.

At Tashi's Tantra Massage in Barcelona, every session is an exclusive journey, meticulously crafted to offer a slow, sensual, and deeply spiritual experience that will stay with you long after the massage ends. With Tashi's and her team of Tantric healers their expert touch and intuitive guidance, you'll embark on a transformative voyage of self-discovery and blissful rejuvenation.

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Tashi’s Tantra Massage in Barcelona is a luxury tantra massage service catering to the Barcelona. Tashi delivers the ultimate pleasure of a true tantra massage to your hotel suite, yacht or home.


Tashi’s clients benefit from an integrated approach that provides a transformative experience tailored uniquely for them and delivered with expertise and unstinting professionalism.


Discerning and busy customers value Tashi’s approach because of her ability to take them out of their cerebral spaces and bring them back into their bodies through her passionate tantra massage. By engaging both their physical bodies and total energetic systems, clients feel transformed and liberated into a wider universe.


For almost a decade, Tashi has catered to the most discerning of international clients from the thriving cities of Berlin, Amsterdam, Athens, Lisbon and Hamburg. Her desire for therapeutic perfection, her open mind, expert techniques and knowledge in the healing art of tantra massage ensures that every client is fully overjoyed by each tantra massage treatment received.


Tashi’s popularity and demand has grown over the years which has lead her to hand-pick the most talented and beautiful tantra massage therapists in Barcelona to help her service her beloved clientele. 

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Tashi Tantra Massage Barcelona offers two luxurious Tantra massage services Tantra Training for Couples and Outcall massage. Tashi and her Tantrikas specialise in creating Tantric spaces in hotels in Barcelona. Tashi's Outcall Tantra Massage to hotels in Barcelona was founded on the principle that Tashi's busy clientele can experience huge benefits of their Tantra massage when they are relieved of the stress of traveling to a studio.


Below are both Tantra services at hotels in Barcelona.

Outcall Tantra Massage Barcelona
Tantra Massage at your Hotel

 Tantra Training for Couples Barcelona
Tantra Training at your Hotel

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