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Dakini- Tantric healer, Therapist and Medicine Woman


Meet a seasoned sexual and couples therapist, transpersonal coach, Tantra trainer, and Medicine Woman, whose two-decade-long journey of inner exploration and consciousness expansion is at the heart of her practice. Her work is deeply rooted in the wisdom of her Colombian heritage and enriched by extensive studies and practices in transformative disciplines.

She holds a background in Gestalt psychology and has a psychology degree from Unitec University in Bogota, Colombia. During her studies she was able to meet renowned teachers like Alejandro Jodorowsky and learn from him. Her expertise spans systemic family therapy, family constellations, and other modalities that foster profound personal growth.

Her quest for deeper understanding of the Human body and energetic system led her to the Healing Tao system, guided by Master Mantak Chia

She has dedicated herself to mastering this profound system, where "TAO" signifies "The Way" or "The Great Mystery." Her passion for heart-centered transformation has driven her to explore and integrate diverse spiritual paths and healing methodologies.


Tantra has awakened the divine energy within her, while massage has endowed her with mastery in alchemy and high-vibration consciousness. She embraces the role of a karma Dakini—an energetic sexual therapist who opens hearts and facilitates profound personal transformation.

At Tashi Tantra Massage Barcelona, her mission is to place before each individual the lessons they need to embrace, illuminating their path toward self-discovery and healing. She is here to guide clients in transforming and elevating their consciousness, helping them unlock their fullest potential.

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