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Incall Massage Berlin was created so Tashi could service her favorite Tantra massage lovers

Reserved for her favorite clients- old and new, you are invited into her sacred space (her personal apartment) for Tantric healing and rejuvenation. This is available for clients who are open and spiritually-minded and want to learn about the healing effects of Tantra massage.

Tantra massage is derived from the ancient religion called Tantra. Tantra is a religion that channels divine energy into earthly beings for many centuries. When massaged in the correct way, Tantra massage allows your energy to flow freely through our energy lines which rejuvenates your body and mind. This allows us to establish a deep contact within ourselves and divine forces in the universe.

On top of her Tantra Massage, you will receive a FREE aura cleansing with special Tibetan incense and secret Mantras. Afterward, you will feel light and that you released the unwanted psychic pressure of others and societal debris of unclean energy that collects in the aura. Tashi will explain more of this before she begins the cleansing with you.

Booking needs to be made at least 24 hours ahead of time. Operating hours are between 11:00 and 20:00.

To ensure Tashi’s Safety she requires all the clients to:

1)Send her a photo of their ID either by E-mail or WhatsApp— passport, German driver's license, or German ID card. **If you come from outside of Germany- passports will be accepted.

2) Connect with her on Linkedin by sending her a private message. Alternatively, if you don’t have Linkedin, you can send her a link to your company website or public profile on the internet.

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